Don't Quit


Don't quit, don't give up now, I'm growing each and every day
Don't quit, don't give up on us, no more lies, no more games
I mean what I'm saying
Don't quit, don't give up now, I'm changing all of my bad ways
Please don't give up on our love

Verse 1: (BIG MIKE)
Enough is enough
I'm standing up like a man
So many tears you've cried
Sticking by me through all of these years
And to be honest, if you did to me, half of what I've done to you
I'm sure I'd be gone
Because it's been so long
Having family and friends calling you crazy, baby don't quit


Verse 2: (SING-SING)
Now time after time I've broken you down
Blaming you for all that was wrong
Always you never me, I hurt you I know
How you dealt with it all, I'm not sure
You took me back, after I told you I loved you not
You took me back, after I got drunk and cursed you out
Girl I've done you so wrong and I'm sorry


Bridge: (SING-SING)
I know I put you through all kinds of heartache
And all the promises I would make then I'd break
So baby check it, I'm trying correct the mistake
Girl your love is what I live for
So turn around put your baggage down and please stay
It was my baggage that got us here in the first place
I'll crawl, give it all for your love
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