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True Love


Verse 1: (BIG MIKE)
I was thinking bout the way that we began
I started out just to be your friend
As time went on my feelings began to grow
Because you blessed me with your touch and your embrace
Now when I think of all you've done for me
Baby your love it rains down
All over my world and
When I think of all the things you've done for me
Your love rains down
All over my land

You promised me your love
I promised you my time
We can take this love to heaven
If you just put your hand in mine
Girl my life never began
Until you showed me how to trust
At times I was afraid
But still you showed me
True love
True love, baby

Verse 2: (BIG MIKE)
I promise I, I promise I wont change
Babe I'm gonna be, I gotta be the same man you met
But that won't work unless you're here with me baby
Cause you complete, you complete the man I am


Bridge: (SING-SING)
I appreciate your gift to me, I do
I'm the man I am today because of you
I am not the man I used to be
Was blind, but now these eyes can see
This love will keep us strong throughout the years
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