Cold Dark Whisper


Did you ever expect to see me here?
Did you ever expect to know my fear?
Did you ever expect to close your eyes?
Did you ever expect that you would die?
Do you know who I am?
I think your fear will show you.
Nightmare so beautiful, everywhere you'd least expect.
Master of manipulation, unknowingly you gave me control.
Come with me, take my hand; I'll lead you through this promise land.
Show you what you don't want to see.
Show you why you are here with me.
Silently I scream your name, deaf though you are you head my cry.
Surrendering your soul to me, to gain freewill and fulfill desires.
Desires, which I've implanted in you, the life you lead I control.
Pure potential shines in the light.
Charred and empty you lye by my side.
Cold, dark terror resides in your eyes as you gnash your teeth
and realize I am real and you I own, eternally you'll writhe at my throne.
Pleads for mercy diminish in the night.
Deliverance was offered, you denied.
Grace hung plainly before your eyes, refused to give up control of your life.
Ironically you did indeed, traded life to die with me.
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