An Open Grave


An unobtrusive observation from the outside, of the steady degradation of blossoming life.)

All consumed with fire, raging on the injustice defiling this home, the devastation is two-fold.
Malevolent darkness upstaged by the beauty of innocent eyes and radiant smiles.
Actuality saps the luster from my life, degenerative secret leaves my eyes vacant and dull.
All that I am I offer in absolution, my blood to mark the door that this shadow of death may pass over.
My lots cast back, not my place to absolve.
Limited by knowledge to just watch this horror unfold, lamentation waits for a breakthrough.

How can I mourn for your plight when your persistent fervor testifies that you're determined to fight?
The bravery of your endurance of hope shows strength far exceeding the faith I've failed to hold.
This bitter contempt constricting my path, I've never observed in your embrace of fate.
I pray that your peace and vibrancy of life will live on through mine in your absence.
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