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Alma De Pedra

And all the truth will be revealed, oh oh

Uouôoohhh miracles, Uouôoohhh miracles
While the sons of greed continue to destroy each other
All the children of jah's hearts grows their faith and their love
While the most people make war for futile reasons
All the wise minds thinks about salvation and glory

When all knowledge reveals its own limitation and hopes are likely to fail
Or when the vain pride and love to vain things begind to sufocate their keepers
when everything seems to be declining, the humble of heart know where to find the real answers

When the spirits of men deny god's hand and the evil have their hearts
Or when the money have more value than life, nature, love and all things pure
In this moment if someone needs help to scape from that babylon
Jah will be there

Uôuôoohhh, jah jah work, Uôuôoohhhh miracles
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