1. 1

    Angela Ammons - Always Getting Over You

  2. 2

    Angela Ammons - Big Girl

  3. 3

    Angela Ammons - Broken

  4. 4

    Angela Ammons - Echo

  5. 5

    Angela Ammons - Pretend

  6. 6

    Angela Ammons - Someday Soon

  7. 7

    Angela Ammons - Take My Hand

  8. 8

    Angela Ammons - This Is Who I Am

  9. 9

    Angela Ammons - Walking Backwards

  10. 10

    Angela Ammons - Whatever

  11. 11

    Angela Ammons - When It Doesn't Matter

  12. 12

    Angela Ammons - Wish On Me

  13. 13

    Angela Ammons - You'll Be Gone

Big Girl

Angela Ammons

What do you want to be when i grow up A teacher a nurse or a bum I don't need you to judge what i did Stop treating me like a kid If i wanna change my mind without asking you If i wanna take my time than i'm going to I'm a big girl I'm a very good girl Yeah i'm a big girl And you don't have to worry 'bout me this time Just trust me i'll be fine And hey yeah Do you ever think of letting go And hey yeah Before i lose my mind Everything I want to do you say no When i ask you why, 'cause i told you so If i wanna tie my shoes without help from you Guess no one ever sheltered you And hey yeah What ya gonna do when i'm not around And hey yeah You can't make the clock unwind I keep telling you [CHORUS] I'm a big girl And i'm not your little girl Yeah i'm a big girl And you don't have to worry 'bout me this time 'Cause i'll be fine [CHORUS]

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