1. 1

    Angela Ammons - Always Getting Over You

  2. 2

    Angela Ammons - When It Doesn't Matter

  3. 3

    Angela Ammons - Big Girl

  4. 4

    Angela Ammons - Broken

  5. 5

    Angela Ammons - Echo

  6. 6

    Angela Ammons - Pretend

  7. 7

    Angela Ammons - Someday Soon

  8. 8

    Angela Ammons - Take My Hand

  9. 9

    Angela Ammons - This Is Who I Am

  10. 10

    Angela Ammons - Walking Backwards

  11. 11

    Angela Ammons - Whatever

  12. 12

    Angela Ammons - Wish On Me

  13. 13

    Angela Ammons - You'll Be Gone

When It Doesn't Matter

Angela Ammons

I'm everything, you never wanted Why does it mean so much to you I'm walking away Not begging you to please let me stay You wanna take a picture So you'll remember Me standing by this open door Does it make it better If you tell yourself i never wanted to go Should i say that we should still be friends Should i cry or should i just pretend That it's killing me, and i don't want you to leave Should i make you think i suffer ......when it doesn't matter You try to figure out Why i said nothing When you told me that it's over now What are you believing That my smile is only here to hide the pain [REPEAT CHORUS] I'm tired, of unhappy ever after endings I'm tired, of make believe hero's I'm tired, of taking back what i have given And i'm tired, of waking up here [REPEAT CHORUS]

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