I Ain't With That


Verse 1: [Tiffany]
Can't no man define who I am
'Cause I know just what I can be
If you wanna go, he can go
It's a free country
I mean, that's love
But I love him enough to let him go
If that's what he wants
If it's meant to be
He'll come back to me

Hook: [LeToya]
Tell me why do you run around
Tellin' everyone in town
You didn't want me no more (you didn't want me no more)
If you wanna run around
I ain't tryna hold you down
Got me lookin' like a fool
It ain't cool

Chorus: [Anjel]
I ain't with that
I ain't trynna keep a man around
Who don't wanna be kept
I ain't with that
I need another man in my bed
That like holdin' my hand
I ain't with that
Seems like
The older I get, the less patience I have (I got no patience)
I ain't with that
Oh, I ain't with that
Oh, no, I ain't with that

Verse 2: [LeToya]
Some say love is getting along
But you'll find that out on your own
Well, if that's true, now I know
That you must've been my first true love
But I'm not gonna waste my time
And beg you to stay because
I'm probably better off without you anyway



Bridge 2: [LaTavia & LeToya]
I don't want no one tellin' me what to do
I ain't with no man who can't tell me the truth
(Should've been evil ladies)
I just ain't with all that bull
I ain't with that
No, I ain't with that
No, oh I ain't with that

Chorus X3
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