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Verse 1: [Tiffany]
I got this lingerie that's real good lovin'
Come and get it
Been waiting all night long
I'm ready for ya
Don't be trippin'
I really been feelin' you all day (all day)
And I'm hopin' that you're on you're way soon
'Cause I want you, boy
I can't even front no more, no
And you know that I don't act like this (like this)
But this time I just don't wanna miss out on lovin',
All of your kisses and your huggin'
I want some lovin'

Chorus: [Anjel]
I got this lingerie
Candle's lit, I hope you're on your way
Okay, hey, 'cause I can't wait another minute
Don't be trippin', come and get it
Got this lingerie
Candle's lit, I hope you're on your way
Okay, hey, 'cause I've been waiting all night long

Verse 2: [LeToya]
See, I got everything to set the mood (the mood)
And the only thing that's left is you
Oh, I can't take no more
I can't wait no (I can't wait no)
I can't wait no more, no
And I need for you to be on your way (your way)
Don't let a good thing go to waste
All your kissin' and your huggin'
Boy, I need some lovin'


Bridge: [Anjel]
I know all the things you need
That's what makes it so in sync
Boy, you can have a little piece of mine
And I'll give you my guarentee
Life with me is so stress free
I'm gon' set this off tonight
And we gonna do it right

Rap: [Naty]
Yeah, there's some that got them feathers
Yeah, there's some you see through
And there's some that got them ruffles
And there's some that get you
I brought my itty-bitty diamond studded bikini
Or the one that likes to jingle
When I wiggle just a little, babe
Now, don't forget, you need to hit me tonight
You got me open, steady hopin' for greedy tonight
So come caress and bring that body
When it's time for my lovin'
Kept you waitin', you been patient
So tonight I'm not frontin'


Ooh, yeah
Ooh, ooh, woah
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Ooh, yeah
Ooh, ooh, yeah
Ooh, oo
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