1. 1

    Ant And Dec - Apology

  2. 2

    Ant And Dec - Better Watch Out

  3. 3

    Ant And Dec - Bound

  4. 4

    Ant And Dec - Cloud 9

  5. 5

    Ant And Dec - Crazy

  6. 6

    Ant And Dec - Eternal Love

  7. 7

    Ant And Dec - Falling

  8. 8

    Ant And Dec - Game Of Love

  9. 9

    Ant And Dec - Girlfriend

  10. 10

    Ant And Dec - In My Arms

  11. 11

    Ant And Dec - Just A Little Love

  12. 12

    Ant And Dec - Lets Get Ready To Rhumble

  13. 13

    Ant And Dec - Masterplan

  14. 14

    Ant And Dec - On The Ball

  15. 15

    Ant And Dec - One Look

  16. 16

    Ant And Dec - Perfect

  17. 17

    Ant And Dec - Shout

  18. 18

    Ant And Dec - Somewhere In The Rain

  19. 19

    Ant And Dec - Stepping Stone

  20. 20

    Ant And Dec - Stuck On You

  21. 21

    Ant And Dec - This Must Be Heaven

  22. 22

    Ant And Dec - Today

  23. 23

    Ant And Dec - U Krazy Katz

  24. 24

    Ant And Dec - Universal Sun

  25. 25

    Ant And Dec - We're On The Ball

  26. 26

    Ant And Dec - When I Fall In Love

  27. 27

    Ant And Dec - Who Are You

  28. 28

    Ant And Dec - Why Me

  29. 29

    Ant And Dec - You Are The One


Ant And Dec

I'm sorry I didn't mean to hurt you baby, it's true
I love you, I need you, I'm searching the world for you

Summer love we were hot left me cold,
You won't forgive the stories you've been told
Deep hurt I can understand why,
I did try but sense just passed me by
It was stupid, cupid lend me your bow,
So I can save the love that I let go
This pain won't refrain in my brain,
You don't believe that I didn't know her name
Apologetic - pathetic, the urge came and I let it
It destroyed a hard built trust,
I'm on my knees but it's just not good enough

Summers come and summers go guilty feelings overflow
Outrageous, behavior, little boy your life's in danger

I'm sorry I didn't mean to hurt you baby,
It's true (this is my apology)
I love you, I need you, I'm searching the world for you
Forgive me, you know how much I need you baby (this is my
I love you, forever, 'cause nothing compares to u

As the clock ticks and moves slow,
The same thoughts swim around to let me know
You're hurt and it's me to blame,
It's not a game and it's never gonna feel the same
Everyday I was amazed by your ways,
You blew my heart set my mind ablaze
And now I crave each day each night,
It's not right that I miss every sound and sight
Poetic - how I've said it,
I'm not proud and I regret it
I hope someday I can see you come back to me,
How many ways can I offer my apology?

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