1. 1

    Ant And Dec - Apology

  2. 2

    Ant And Dec - Better Watch Out

  3. 3

    Ant And Dec - Bound

  4. 4

    Ant And Dec - Cloud 9

  5. 5

    Ant And Dec - Crazy

  6. 6

    Ant And Dec - Eternal Love

  7. 7

    Ant And Dec - Falling

  8. 8

    Ant And Dec - Game Of Love

  9. 9

    Ant And Dec - Girlfriend

  10. 10

    Ant And Dec - In My Arms

  11. 11

    Ant And Dec - Just A Little Love

  12. 12

    Ant And Dec - Lets Get Ready To Rhumble

  13. 13

    Ant And Dec - Masterplan

  14. 14

    Ant And Dec - On The Ball

  15. 15

    Ant And Dec - One Look

  16. 16

    Ant And Dec - Perfect

  17. 17

    Ant And Dec - Shout

  18. 18

    Ant And Dec - Somewhere In The Rain

  19. 19

    Ant And Dec - Stepping Stone

  20. 20

    Ant And Dec - Stuck On You

  21. 21

    Ant And Dec - This Must Be Heaven

  22. 22

    Ant And Dec - Today

  23. 23

    Ant And Dec - U Krazy Katz

  24. 24

    Ant And Dec - Universal Sun

  25. 25

    Ant And Dec - We're On The Ball

  26. 26

    Ant And Dec - When I Fall In Love

  27. 27

    Ant And Dec - Who Are You

  28. 28

    Ant And Dec - Why Me

  29. 29

    Ant And Dec - You Are The One

On The Ball

Ant And Dec

They thought it was all over, but it's only just begun,
The cup of eastern promise in the land of the Rising Sun.
Seemed a million miles away, and one thing's for sure,
The talk begins of '66 'cos we havn't found a cure.
Send an SOS, a country's in need,
Sven's the man who's got a plan- we've found a super Swede.
A nation reunited, and England comes alive,
Goldenballs is captain, and Heskey makes it five!

We're on the ball, we're on the ball,
We're on the ball, we're on the ball.
We're on the ball, we're on the ball,
We're on the ball, We're on the ball.

White will be the colors, the whole world in our hands,
The time has come to kick it- can we kick it? Yes we can!
Sven's army marching forward, hear three lions roar,
We're England for ever, now all together- we're on the ball!


What do you think of the song Motty?
Oh fantastic!
Is it gonna be a hit?
Yes it is!

It's Neville to Campell, Campell to Rio,
Rio to Scholsey, Scholsey- Gerrard.
Gerrard to Beckham, Beckham to Heskey,
Heskey to Owen, its a goal, 5-1!

Unless it goes to penalties, are we getting the Germans?
We're on the ball, who's on that ball?
We're on the ball, we're on the ball.
Even though we're small, we're on the ball!

"Can I have my ball back please?"

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