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Movie Over India

Apache Indian


Me say me gone go make a movie mon over India
Plane a where me catch a Indian air-liner
Place a where me land that a Amritsar
Who meet me no the Prime minister
Who a rush me baggage no a fe her father
Who kiss me Ghandhi daughter
Me there in a the country like a big movie star
Jump pon a taxi them a call a rikshar
Pass Bombay and a Kalistania
The people meet me put them hands together
Woman in a sari man in pajarma
When them meet me them say, "O kith thar naine butchair teek hair"
And then the man who me meet a no the producer
Make one film with the one Amitabh
Make another one with the one Rekha
Who sing the song Latham-mageshka
Who play the music no Ravi-Shankar
Come take it from the youth bare back rider
Me chatta pon the mic like you could of never
So each and everyone mon come follow me mon
Dip you knee cork out you botty
The style a where you do are Bhangra jokey

Then me pass Bombay and me pass Delhi
Me meet me breadin Baldev Singh-jee
The two of we together feel hungry
Me rice and peas - me no want it
Me yam and banana - me no want it
Me want fe me meat and me roti
Me want me aloo and me gobee
Pon the side of me plate me want me chutnee
Me want a glass of water they give me parnee
Me want a little liquer no them give me Desi
Say in a this a country that a Johnny Walker
But where me come from that a fire water
Say if you drink that you bound fe suffer
Come take it from the youth bareback rider
From the elephants trunk no me drink me water
You no say this a youth are the Wild Indian
Goin fe tear down the city, goin fe tear the nation
With a bran new style and a bran new pattern
So each a everyone come follow fashion
Me say dip you knee cork out your bottom
This a youth mon me a veteran
Listen them style in a translation
Say ick, thor, thin that a 1, 2, 3
Ura, era, eeri that a A, B, C
Me mother's mother that are me nane
Me father's mother are me thathee
Me bigger brother that are me parjee
But a fe me sister that are me panjee
Your pound and dollar say that a rupee
Your firewater me say that a desi
You want a glass of water say that a parnee
Me want me chalice say that a hookie
Me pull out me rizzla and me sensi
They say Wild Apache mon you a umalee
Come take it from the youth mon fe everybody
You no say this a youth have the authority
Me play it fe the white, Indian and Yardy
So put up your hand if you love Apache mon
Put up you hand mon everybody
In a bran new pattern and a bran stylee
Dip your knee cork out your botty
The style a where you do no the Bhangra jokey mon
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