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Shackle & Chain

Apache Indian

Free up the shackle and chain hail me bredrin
Mek them know you no care bout them system
Respect you have but no wan be no victim
Mek them know you no follar follar follar them

(Verse 1)
Well every morning Jah Jah no that me rise
Them look ina me face and them look ina me eyes
Say all them a gwarn but them can't hypnotise
Jah Jah him mek me wise.. why why hoy.. Jah Jah him mek me wise
Say fe them brainwash system me analyse
Me tek a step back when me start realise
No matter how we work say them wan criticize
Intelligent system them build pon lies

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Me say them wan come fight I and I
Them fe no say that a long time me cry
Cry out fe the youth and you no me no shy
Jah Jah guide I and I...why yoh hoy? Jah Jah guide I and I
Long time we fighting in this ya game
Control we rights wan tek way we name
Look how the system keeping us tame
Me say them can't come fool up me brain
Can't come fool up me brain

(Repeat Chorus)
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