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Royal Beggars


Royal beggars
Do you wanna live forever?

‘Cos we’re broken
All hope is dead
But we’re coping
Somebody save our souls

Like a bird in a cage
Trying to fly away
Is this the price that we have to pay?
Overflowing with rage
Yet we still obey
‘Cos we’re asleep in a hurricane

Bitter lovers
Let go
‘Cos it’s now or never
Breathe in
Breathe out
Breathe in
‘Cos we’re choking
And left for dead
But we’re coping
Somebody save our souls

Are you listening?
You may not have noticed
We have totally lost our way
Are you lost in the clouds?
Or can you hold your focus?
It’s ourselves that we will betray

We sit on a throne waiting for God to bend the knee
But we’re nothing more than
Royal beggars

But I’m as guilty as the next man
Our eyes are open, but we’re not listening
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