Holy Hell


Maybe we’ll never learn?
The fire at the gates is our saving grace
Remember, we were born to burn
There is a holy hell, where we can save ourselves

We will be cast out of paradise
It’s a long ascent out of the black
But we all have to sacrifice
Hang the iconoclast
And kiss the feet of the amnesiac
‘Cause the moment is dead when I’m lost in the past

But now the rivers are running red
And the skies have been set ablaze
I’ve been fearing the worst again
Heavenly terrorist
Have you been mourning over yesterday?
Don’t forget to breathe when the knife begins to twist
Fuck this self pity
It’s not that hard to see
We get one chance
These wounds will set me free
There’s poison on the key
It brings you to your knees
But even the mountains erode in the rain

A single spark can start a forest fire
Light one match and burn down the empire
There’s gold buried in the blue
There’s gold buried in the blue

Holy Hell, I’ve got nothing left to lose
And I can tell, there’s gold
Buried in the blue
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