Above All Else

Article One

I come to you with everything
And I wish that there was more to bring
Have I really given my all?
It's a struggle with priorities
I get lost in all the lesser things in life
And hope starts to fall
Oh, I know you understand
Oh, you hold the world in your hands

You are, you are, you're above all else
You stay, always, far above all else

There's so much I don't understand
But I'm giving up on doubts I've had
I'll try
I try to do what you'd do
And as each day turns to history
I learn more about the mysteries of you
Now you're changing my life
Oh, I know you understand
Oh, with all the world in your hands

As you lead me down this road
I will follow wherever you may go
With every step I'll try to close the distance
Cause where you are is where I wanna be
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