Demon Love


Well I thought it would be
A one-night-stand I could have lived with that
But now it seems to me
I'm just a fly that is caught in your net
The things you gave me were
The things I needed most but dreaded more
I wonder why you dared
To show me what I'm longing longing for

Now you've torn down my walls
The walls built to protect me against this
You pushed me now I fall
The strongest man can be slain by a kiss
You trespased on my frontiers
I felt this time Iwould not be deceived
You took away my fears
I opened up once more to see you leave

Your poison kiss spread through my body
Finally it reached my heart
I fall down on my knees and cry
I should have known it from the start

Demon love
Demon love
You make me despise myself
Degrade myself
Have mercy
Demon love
Demon love
You make me despise myself
Degrade myself
Have mercy
Pass me by

I wrote love-letters on
Your skin they still burn on my fingertips
And even now you're gone
Your taste it still remains upon my lips
How could you be so mean
Your touch showed me a glimpse of paradise
You linger in my dreams
I still can fell you when I close my eyes
You cracked me like a nut
To suck my heart and chew and spit it out
You leave me cracked up
Defenceless, nameless and without a doubt
You knew exactly what
(You'd cause if you don't stop)
What did you gain except the certainty
So what did you get out
Of knowing you can make a fool of me
(I could have told you before)

Your poison kiss

Demon love
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