Just A Feeling

Bad Manners

It's Been A Week Now Since You Went Away
I Hope That You Have Gone To Stay
It's Not That I Don't Like You
You're Alright
I Just Like To Run My Life
It's Just A Feeling

My Flat Was Nice And Tidy, Now It's Not
I Just Don't Seem To Care A Lot
I Feel So Good I Really Feel At Home
To Sit And Whistle On My Own
It's Just A Feeling

Just A Feeling, (Just A Feeling)

It's Always A Problem Went I Talk To You
You Make It So Hard To Get Through
You Thought That I Should Get A Steady Job
You Couldn't See I'm Just A Yob
I'm Just A Skinhead

Just A Feeling, (Just A Feeling)

by: gOk
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