Bad Manners

You tell me lies and you wanna cheat behind my back
A sense of decency's the only thing you ever lacked
I was prepared to give, take and understand
Until I found out, that you acted so underhand

Think it's time, better move along
Sweet revenge, cos you done me wrong
Maybe I better take a chance
And look around for a new romance

Vendetta dansetta vendetta dansetta I say

I tossed a coin just to see what I should do
It's head I stay, tales I say goodbye to you
You messed around now I'm making it my turn to decide
I hate to think that you wanna take me for a ride

I see the coin as it goes spinning through the air
Best out of three cos I thought that was gonna be fair
It landed heads, and it made me wish that I was dead
I think I'd better go and cut some" ukin" cards instead
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