A Place For The Losers


Feeling inside of
a kindness world so unreal
my mind is complaining
I can't understand if what I'm seeing is real

they're keeping a secret
it's like that they don't even care
they're blinding themselves
how much of happiness to share?

I opened my eyes without understanding
I was feeling the panic of my neuros spinning
accounting how alone I was in the crowd
a similar thought no one was around

enclosured of soldiers
emerging gladness of every type
but how could they do?
in a coliseum place for bloody fights

my childhood toys
bleeding and totally lacerated
no tunnel lights
so I realize that I didn't escape

I found a man in the same situation
I asked where we were for some explanation
he told you're a loser so did I will explain
said me where we were how and why I became
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