Everybody is hanging around at the front of the house
Tonight we will be playing so damn fucking loud
The band is waiting for the drummer, he is always the last
But when he comes around we will beat up his ass

So many punks are coming for the show
They're drunk and doing stupid things on the road
It's our time so I jump in the stage
I can't explain the feeling when I unleash my rage

Now I look at the past, I will never forget
The things we've passed through together, they've been a bless
Since a hippie man gave us that clover
Our history began and it's far from being over

Banzai! That's the way it is!
We gonna stick together 'til the end of this
Banzai! That's the way we live!
We gonna sing together 'til the end of this

Four guys trying to find their ways
Walking on a long road as one would say
Nobody knows where we will end
But it's plain to see we are true friends

Problems sometimes are hard to overcome
But relying on each other we find the strength to go on
Through our veins runs the same young blood
And when we are together we feel at home...
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