1. 1

    Bardot - Asap

  2. 2

    Bardot - I Need Somebody

  3. 3

    Bardot - You Got Me Feeling

  4. 4

    Bardot - A S a P

  5. 5

    Bardot - A.S.A.P

  6. 6

    Bardot - Before I Let You Go

  7. 7

    Bardot - Dirty Water

  8. 8

    Bardot - Do It For Love

  9. 9

    Bardot - Don't Call Me I'll Call You

  10. 10

    Bardot - Down

  11. 11

    Bardot - Empty Room

  12. 12

    Bardot - Feel Right

  13. 13

    Bardot - Girls Do, Boys Don't

  14. 14

    Bardot - Girls Of The Night

  15. 15

    Bardot - Got Me Where You Want Me

  16. 16

    Bardot - Harley Davidson

  17. 17

    Bardot - Higher Than Heaven

  18. 18

    Bardot - Hit And Run

  19. 19

    Bardot - Holding On

  20. 20

    Bardot - I Should Have Never Let You Go

  21. 21

    Bardot - I Should've Never Let You Go

  22. 22

    Bardot - It's Alright

  23. 23

    Bardot - Love Me No More

  24. 24

    Bardot - Love Will Find A Way

  25. 25

    Bardot - Missin' Your Love

  26. 26

    Bardot - Other Side Of Love

  27. 27

    Bardot - Play It Like That

  28. 28

    Bardot - Poison

  29. 29

    Bardot - These Days

  30. 30

    Bardot - Uptight

  31. 31

    Bardot - What Have You Done

  32. 32

    Bardot - When The Cat's Away



Yeah A.S.AP. A.S.AP. I'm so tired of creeping around I'm walking on eggshells Like a thief in the night Sneaking in and out of your house So your mama don't like me I admit that im no angel But i treat her with respect Still she don't care BRIDGE Baby Believe me my patience is running on empty CHORUS Your mother's in my business Can you tell her to let me be A.S.A.P. She's been on my nerves From day one [whats going on] Can you tell me what is this conspiracy against me A.S.A.P Back off You can't touch this chemistry Retreat A.S.A.P Oh Oh How does it feel for you Being stalked by your very own mum A relationships for two Now the time has come So what's it gonna be Gonna follow your mum Obey everything she say's Or will you stand on your own The choice is yours Don't take to long 'Cause['cause] i'll be gone REPEAT BRIDGE AND (2x) --CHORUS She's tapping your phone To check who's calling From dusk until dawn She's on your tail When ever we're alone I can feel her peeking It's been going on too long I can't take this no more REPEAT BRIDGE REPEAT CHORUS TWICE [A.S.A.P] A.S.A.P [A.S.A.P] Please mum let me be [A.S.A.P] Stop harassing me [A.S.A.P] Please mama [A.S.A.P] Oh stop harassing me [A.S.A.P] Oh won't you let me be [A.S.A.P] Stop harassing me [A.S.A.P] 'Cause she'll only know me for my history

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