Bedouin Soundclash

Vernon Maytone:
"Speak the truth and speak it ever
Cause it what it will,
Cause he who hides the wrong he did
Did the wrong thing still"

Come back sweet St. Anne,
Come love me again,
Cause I broke again, yeah I broken man.
And down on St. Andrew, I'll buy it back from you
But you ain't no lover, no you're just a pusher
And I've been down to St. Andrew
To pay for my sins on you
Love come save me, love come save me soon.

Now I've sung midnight choirs
With baseheads, drunks, and liars
But there's never fire
No we never get higher
So lines I've rocked and rolled
Amongst those midnight souls
That we're only stealing
Yeah stealing for feeling

One day time will end
And who I've been, I've been
And the bells they are ringing
And the band is marching, marching
Love come save me soon.
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