Until We Burn In The Sun

Bedouin Soundclash

Until we burn back into the sun
Until we burn, the kids will just want a love song

Popping a collar and kicking down the street
Kick it, kick it, kick it, to the friends you will meet
Beats to beats move our broken club feet
On the off beats and in the Middle East

The dance one drops like water in the sand
Drop it, drop it, drop it, like the heat in Clubland
The moves that break, the breaks,
We break on newsstands,
The time that sifts like sand through my hand
Breaking, breaking, breaking like waves on the sand
Polar bears on American Bandstand
Killer killer on electric break slide
Put it back together on a worldwide divide

City punk rocker rocking like he doesn't try
With a Roots reggae rocker like Lucy in the sky
We all fall down when the water runs dry
We all say hello when we all meant goodbye
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