Breaking Through

Bethel Music

Your love is like a sunrise
Shattering the dark of night
Your presence is a paradise
To our hearts

You're filling all the world with light
You're making every wrong thing right
You're waking up the dead to life
In your love

God you're always breaking through the dark
Breaking into lives and healing hearts
Your love has torn the veil
Your love can never fail
Your love is making all things new

Your love is an eternal fire
A jealous and a pure desire
Strong enough to be the sacrifice
That set us free

You have taken all our sins away
You have risen and you've won the day
You have broken every bond and chain
In your love

So we lift up one voice
We lift up a voice
We sing and we shout for joy

For now we are yours
Yes our hearts are yours
You've ransomed us with your blood
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