Heaven's Song

Bethel Music

We have come, as one heart
As one voice
To join heaven's endless song
On the earth, lifting up
Our adoration, towards Your throne
Praises rise, songs of love
Are now ascending
For the King, for the Lamb
Who gave His life to save us

Holy, Holy, Holy
All of heaven cries
Worthy, Worthy, Worthy
For You were crucified
The living creatures call out
And all the elders fall down

A sacrifice of living praise
We bring our all
For You have beckoned us into
A holy place, a holy love
Your very presence
And now we stand
In wondrous awe
A glory cry, we raise to heaven
With holy hands and lifted hearts
Eyes upon our Savior

Holy, Holy, God most Holy
Worthy to receive all glory
Heaven's shouting
As we glorify
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