Old Clash Fan Fight Song

Billy Bragg

I've got a mate who lives in Vermont
He couldn't find the music he wanted
Sick and tired of the corporation
He started his own new radio station
Now he's on the air each day
Telling folks about a different way
Plays Billy Bragg and a bit of Green Day
And 'I'm So Bored With The U.S.A.'

People are on the move
People got a lot to prove

I've got a buddy who delivers the post
Up and down the North-East Coast
When the Clash came to town
He'd never miss them
He still wants to bust the system
But he has to go to work
That doesn't make him some kind of jerk
Put food on the table, you know how that feels
It doesn't mean he's lost his ideals

People are moving on
George Bush will soon be gone

The Clampdown is still coming down hard
Police and Thieves are all over my yard
But these heavy manners don't worry me
Cos I'm a heavier dude than I used to be

People are moving on
Tony Blair will soon be gone

Co-operation, not competition
Co-operation, is not sedition
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