The Boy Done Good

Billy Bragg

Strange as it may seem, I once had my football
But I was always the last one, the last to get
When my classmates picked their teams

I guess that was the way it stayed in every game I
Life just kicked me, clattered and tripped me
Till you picked me from the parade

Now I feel like I've won the cup every time that we
make love
Forty-five minutes each way, at halftime I hear a
band play

The boy done good, the girl done better,
The seasons turn and we're still together,
The sky's still blue and tomorrow is another day

You weren't that kind of a bird who likes her studs
be covered in mud
Taking you to the pictures was a regular fixture
For one of life's eternal subs

Though I tried hard acting tough, I just can't
stand the
taste of that stuff
Like some macho park player I got in the way of
In some grudge match against his club
Still I'm happier how I am today now I've put my
boots away
I guess I'll never get picked to play my song on
of the Day
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