Black Rob

Black rob br
Black rob br
I am about to set the record straight
Its 99 time to let them know
Yo aiyo yo yo
Its kill or be killed
My skillz leavin them chilled on ice
Like twice when i flash my steel
They cant touch
Wont touch
Never touch
Driving around with the toast closely gripped never bust
Puffin dust like fiends
I mean i wanna green ya shit ya shifty
Cop the big eight fifty with the gleam
Full of cut throughts wit enough notes to write a fuckin book
Take a good fucking look at these bad guys
Stay madd fly madd high
In the ford expidie and i dont expect to die on some humble shit
I am on some rumble shit
When its on you should see the shit i come through with
If you scared by dog release the four by fours
I heard the fagot ass don died and he shit in his draws
On the streets black good like allstate ya all fake
Just got paper fuck it i want some more cake
Ya faith in my hand
Now ya nervous man and drive my brains qucik fast at ya service
My brother curtis squezze gats to celliums
I make it where you cant escape the parra bedlums
I tell some live ya life like puff did
I did enough biz ask any body i am rough kid
I snuff kids
You should see their fight in fear
Cap head butting i wind up bitting their ear
Yea, its my year all jokes aside
Smoke ya lie
Pray to b close to i
Close ya eye
Knowing ya supposed to die
Supposed to fry
Thugs they supposed to cry
Now when i came in i came here wit nutin but raw
Hardcore and smack money drip at the door
Yo whut? how badboy supposed to be?
Who ever got beef wit the black i am gonna see ya'll
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