[Verse 1]
Those falling tears on her face
show the aproval of his behavior
The destiny, this child embraced
But her mother isn't with the savior

A pure soul dwelled in this body
This corpse that will feed the crows
Her brothers and sisters are hungry
Although grain production grows

With chains, they fight
Looking into the sky

Hunger and pain are our damnation
This is not the work of God, but human intervention.

[Verse 2]
"We bring prosperity" said the
One that spreads this disease
Called colonization spreee
This blessed land he has seized

Hopeless, with crystal bones
Fighting a territory implied war
Coprophagia to stop the moan
Caused by stomach pain galore

[Pre Chorus]


Banshee lurks around this family
Exposed ribs, thin legs of skin
Are signs we refuse to see
While we sit along with glutony
We refuse to see
We refuse to see

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