Your Silence


Your Silence

[Verse 1]
The silence tells me a lot of things
But not everything that I wish I knew
And whats up with this weird attitude?
Are you trying to make me confused?
You transform all the love that i had
Into hate but I still dont regret
Cause what we had here I cannot explain
To bad to say how everything has ended

You change like the day turn into night
So fast like a blink of a eye

The way you look at me, the way you say hi
Makes me confuse I'm not gonna lie
The way you talk, the way you say bye
Makes me sad like all the love have died

[Verse 2]
And wonder if you still think of me
Like I think of how we used to be
Well I guess not cause you are up there
Having fun while im sit on this chair
Writing this words that come in my mind
Trying to say how i fell inside
You wouldn't care cause I'm out of your head
You wouldn't care cause for you I'm dead



I ask you why you are acting this way
You say: What? everything is ok
Don't get me wrong all I want back
Is the smile you gave me when we first meet


Your silence tells me a lot of things
Leaving me broken with nothing
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