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    Bogmen - Dr Jerome Love Tub Doctor

  2. 2

    Bogmen - Englewood

  3. 3

    Bogmen - Highway Of Shame

  4. 4

    Bogmen - It's a Fast Horizon

  5. 5

    Bogmen - Light a Candle For Me

  6. 6

    Bogmen - Piss Tongue

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    Bogmen - Raga

  8. 8

    Bogmen - Suddenly

  9. 9

    Bogmen - The Big Burn

  10. 10

    Bogmen - The Doubter's Glass

  11. 11

    Bogmen - The Third Rail

  12. 12

    Bogmen - Treasure Isle

  13. 13

    Bogmen - What's Behind Your Coat

  14. 14

    Bogmen - Yellar

Dr Jerome Love Tub Doctor


As the page gets wider this song gets longer
As the burden gets lighter the man become able
There's a hole in my pocket elijah - elijah
A hole in my shoe - my skin hits the ground
It's all about living - giving and forgiving
Not about worry - "in a hurry?" - make things blurry
Clear above the clouds all the time
"i'm going to have to see you some more times"
Dr. jerome - love tub - doctor
Dr. jerome - love tub - doctor
You've created your boundaries - it's okay to explore them
Within the fences in your head
But if you stray outside you'll wind up dead
Tell me of your childhood
Did you learn to take a shit right?
Did you always wear your pants too tight?
Was it insubordination?
An oedipus relation?
Why'd you slay your daddy?
Why'd you total the caddy?
You've gone above the clouds - you've left the okay corral and now
I'm sitting in the lower - talking you down to the runway
Dr. jerome - love tub - doctor
Dr. jerome - love tub - doctor
Although you feel much clearer - although you feel much lighter
Although you've pioneered those natives in those dark undiscovered
Lands inside your head are waiting to pounce on you
It's the same thing with the spirit as the mental and physical -
You're a fish out of water but still close enough to shore to be
When i snap my fingers you'll remove your clothes and climb into the
Tub with me...
Dr. jerome - love tub - doctor
Dr. jerome - love tub - doctor

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