1. 1

    Bogmen - Dr Jerome Love Tub Doctor

  2. 2

    Bogmen - Englewood

  3. 3

    Bogmen - Highway Of Shame

  4. 4

    Bogmen - It's a Fast Horizon

  5. 5

    Bogmen - Light a Candle For Me

  6. 6

    Bogmen - Piss Tongue

  7. 7

    Bogmen - Raga

  8. 8

    Bogmen - Suddenly

  9. 9

    Bogmen - The Big Burn

  10. 10

    Bogmen - The Doubter's Glass

  11. 11

    Bogmen - The Third Rail

  12. 12

    Bogmen - Treasure Isle

  13. 13

    Bogmen - What's Behind Your Coat

  14. 14

    Bogmen - Yellar

What's Behind Your Coat


He says that he's an honest man
Taxes not included
He's pinstriped and naturally tan
Tan from all of the shine he's running under your noses
He says that he's a moral man
It's easy when you've got the money
He claims that he's a law-abiding man
What's so great about that when you control the law?
Let me see your hands
This particular fellar
Says he's a religious man
And he sips his wine with reverence
His faith is locked in the can
And he drinks it down until it's almost empty
There's a rumor this one's a second-class man
And pushed into the corner
It's all part of the suppression plan
This is after he ditched his wife and family
Let me see your hands
You say that you're a hard working man
And the rest of the world is lazy
You lead the world in production
All work - no play and your people are all fuckin' crazy
Tell me you're a proper man
Your manners overshadow your morals
You devised the suppression plan
I think you've got your soupspoon too far up your ass!
Name that man

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