You Give Good Love


[Speaking: Softly]
You know baby...
I've been looking for somebody
Somebody with that strong love
Somebody with that tender love
I've been looking for somebody with that good love
Can you help me?

You give good love
Give me good lovin' baby
You're on my mind
Each and every day
You're all I need
And I want to say
Baby I'm yours...

[Verse 1:]
Have you ever loved some one
With everything you have
Hoping deep inside your heart
Their tender love will last
Take my hand and I'll show you
A place to find a love so true
I found in you

Love so tender love so right
(Love the way you hold me tight)
Only you can make it right
I'll be with you all my life
(Close your eyes and hold on tight)
My love my very special love


[Verse 2:]
All my life I've been looking for someone
To say it, do it, show it, prove it
You know that you're the one
You give me what I need
You give me everything
I know that you're the one
Cause heaven sent you from above
You're right for me

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