Don't Cry For Me


Don't cry for me baby I'll be back with you one day soon
Don't cry for me baby I'll be back soon

I know that life can make it hard today
When the one you love is gone away
But you have to be strong
You must carry on
Like love mhm
Although time seems that you wont forget
There's always light shining bright within
And we must always understand
Our love is stronger than a man
And wider than all of his love


Stand tall keep striving to positive
In your memories love will always win
Keep your visions clear and bright
Just take control of life
I see the sadness that you feel inside
Wipe your tears away hold your head up high
Believe in love believe it low
And trust that you will survive and find a piece of mind


Don't cry baby dry your eyes
I know everything's gonna be alright
Don't cry no no don't cry (REPEAT 4X)
No no no oh no no no oh cry (REPEAT UNTIL FADE)
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