Eyes of the storm


Say you prays , for your great doom lies ahead
May your soul be forgiven at last
Even gods, will not dare to easy your pain
For your soul will come down in flames

Destiny screams
Hope has faded from me
A veil of rain
Drain me away
Leave dark my soul
Now we are here
If my destiny is fall
Gods look for us all
the doom of our time
We´re here to show who we are

The cry of the blades
Tha clash of the shields
Flesh is been ripped
Death I sign your deal
Arrows are flying
Knights on the charge
Their souls are burnig
As flames in the eyes of the storm

From the desert of sorrow
Dead will arise
From the dark you can hear their lament
Its our requiem!

May our sins become as fade as the darkest night
But for my enemies ahead the sun will shine no more

Confutatis ,maledicitis
Flames acribus adictis
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