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The Last To Know

Céline Dion

Let me be the first to say...
Ain't it always so?
But there's no other way to find out
What I need to know
It's not that I don't think you care
It's what you haven't said
That keeps me guessing day and night
Putting visions in my head

Don't let me be the last
If you thought of leaving would you tell me?
Don't let me be the last
If the truth would hurt me would you lie?
Don't you keep it to yourself for my protection
Break it to me now
Don't let me be the last
If there's anything you wanna tell me
Don't let me be the last
Like you're never gonna let me go
Baby, all I ask
Don't let me be the last to know

You know how a friend will talk
A secret's hard to keep
But this girl she says you're seeing
Sure sounds a lot like me
Still it's not for me to say
If what I heard is true
And I won't let myself believe a word
Till I hear it from you
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