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Céline Dion

Under this midnight sky
With you here by my side
There's nothing that I could hide
You know me better than anybody else

All of myself revealed
There's nothing I could conceal
My soul is yours to steal
Take me wherever you want to, baby

Baby, I'm naked
So naked with you
Feels like the first time
I'm trembling, shaking
My heart's overtaken
Feels like I'm falling

All over again
Baby, come and take me
'Cause I'm trembling shaking
My heart's almost breaking
Baby, I'm naked with you

Baby, when you're away
It's almost like I'm afraid
I only wanna stay
Caught up in these stolen moments

So let's lose ourselves in the night
Forget the world for a while
Make love till the morning light
Take me wherever you want to, baby

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