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Rain, Tax (It's Inevitable)

Céline Dion

I did not know there was a plan
Somewhere a perfect man
I don't believe in the stars
You smiled at my pretense
As you broke down my defenses
Just want to be where you are
Love ain't like fashion
The look remains the same
I'll wear your heart forever
'Cause some things never change
Like rain, tax
After lightning the thunder cracks (it's inevitable)
Sooner or later it had to come true
Like rain, tax
Weeds grow up through the pavement cracks
(it's inevitable)
You see what I want
What I want is you
Through that life was logical
Love was a miracle
That happened to someone else, not me
Baby I musta said a little prayer
Suddenly I looked up, you were there
And the rest is history
I don't want to be an island any more
Just resign yourself
'Cause there's one thing for sure
Like rain, tax, etc
It had to be you, it had to be you
Say you'll be here forever
You and me here together
When will you see what I want
What I want is you
Like rain, tax, etc
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