New Prince (Crown On The Ground)

Childish Gambino

I do not talk, I am just a rapper

Stompin' on these niggas like a whack-a-mole with no hands
Get girls on the floor like slow jams
Fuck yeah, I'm feelin' myself, no lotion
My light shine bright, no roaches
Nigga, I'm focused
You the one who eyes wrong
Only time I'm worried is when I'm the no-fly zone
Cause I'm so fly, homes
Fresh like pinecones
Female phone book my iPhone
Margarita bright, meanin' limelight
Nerd girls losin' their shit like prom night
Mouth like a pussy? it can never be too tight
Let me guess, you know a better rapper? you, right?

Sicker than your grandma
Pass the mix-tape to a friend like Chandler
This track is gettin' over written
Sports night, Fanta
Tell 'em that you know me when you runnin' through Atlanta
I am at the top
Whether you want or not
And I am in my prime
I am an auto-bot
I do not talk a lot
I am just a rapper
Fuck a girl's pussy bright red like snapper


Yeah, I stay fly like a pelican
Get new kicks everyday like an ottoman
Ex-girlfriends askin' if they get a shot again
I try to call 'em back but there's a lot of them
Someone tell me why these muthafuckers busy hatin' me
Just because I'm rappin' and my style is kinda Japanese
Band of outsiders
Kitsune, APC
Macy's got shit on me

Fuck what you heard like a dick inside alarm clock
I ain't got no jewelry, I leave it at the pawn shop
Two of your chains equals one of my shirts, sir
You got Jacob's Jeweler, I got Anna Wintour
Niggas jealous cause I got more green than seven splinters
I'd rather spend that money on a polo from La Tigra
Young, smart, and handsome
Who could even ask for more?
I change the situation like auditioning for Jersey Shore
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