Childish Gambino

Who the fuck, Gambino, this nigga on your tivo?
My hotel cost a kilo, banking like a free throw
Fuck y'all, we A-Team, y'all plan B like Walgreens
Cop that shit and paint it black, niggas want they summer back?
Ha-ha, no way, hublots, Dolce
Beans in my hand, girl in the car
She still with her man, but she seeing me tomorrow
Homegirl on that Master P, watch us ball like referees
Unnecessary roughness? We just trying to function
Used to sport them Filas cause my cousin pack them heaters
We don't wife 'em like Khalifa, we just party then we leave 'em
Tell 'em that we hittin', we don't really see 'em
My girl look best when she only wear a fitted
Q and 'Bino in the house and you niggas in the senate
Get it?

Four thou' on my fit, that's unnecessary
Skiing in Japan, that's unnecessary
Molly on my rider, that's unnecessary
'Bino spit the fire, that ain't even necessary
That's unnecessary, that's unnecessary
That's unnecessary, that's unnecessary
Roll out on a plane, that's unnecessary
'Tussin and champagne, nigga that ain't even necessary

They say don’t buy the belt and I got it
They say don’t get the Rollie and I bought it
Nigga, I’m balling
My fucking mixtape can get you through college
Getting them dollars
Showing my pearly white teeth, I'm a nigga that’s flawless
Came a long way from dumping out Impalas
Same gun and pants, different ski mask from coppers
All of this copper
Knock knock, who could it be? Niggas know I got it on lock
Yawk, yawk - bitch rappers better move ‘fore them niggas get dropped
Mr. Flop boy, you got your label hot
I’m the hardest out, you's a table cloth
Unnecessary balling, I was carted off
Been fucking with my side bitch so much my main bitch can’t stand it
Hunned racks in three months, man this shit is outstanding
Seen a dollar go to stupid racks, billion, trillion
Nigga, that’s what I call building
‘Bino what it do, let’s go half on a million

Bathroom DVR, that’s unnecessary
Cushion in that bulletproof, that’s unnecessary
Stunting in the mall, that’s unnecessary
Condo on my arm, that ain't even unnecessary
That’s unnecessary, that’s unnecessary
That’s unnecessary, that’s unnecessary
Ibiza for a day, that’s unnecessary
Shows a hundred K, that ain’t even necessary

Black Lip Bastard
Actual natural disaster
I did a song about DMT
Soulja Boy did one right after
3 eyes, these guys ain’t seeing me
No radio show up over B.o.B
G-O-D Emcee
I’m the devil with angel wings
Pilot Talk, Curren$y
Stole the show, burglary
I love that flow but I got more
Open condoms & condos
Open bottles of Moet
White with white girls in Eugene
And use to call hoes on 3-Way
And take out to the movies
And now we just do it always
She driving stick in the driveway
Just popped a molly with Molly
She do shrooms every blue moon
Hundred million trillion muthafuckin racks nigga
Pinot grigio the lean’ll go in that nigga
Now that's unnecessary
Been a legend since elementary
Ayo, Bino, tell these niggas I ain't no joke
She don't need speech, she ain't giving no throat
You are under my control
Suspender L's but I'm on a roll
Grade A, honor roll
Mayday, Soul!
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