The Order

Children Of Nova

Now has come the time
To bring color to my eyes
And break the barriers

Survive! We all seek reform
But today we starve no more

It's born, the cry of a nations hopes
Will never have a home
We just echo through the ages
But not anymore

Find your voice
And sing them the breaking of faith
It's killing me

We've been fighting the end of the night
Can we become conquerors of light?

I'm only one man, forever designed
To destroy what keeps us alive

Let it burn
Hold them till heaven won't
Let us in, give us cause, fighting off the horde
In a prison of ignorant thought
It's killing me

Are we the answer? (Its too much)
We are the answer to living again

Flow through, the way you always do

I haven't given enough
Their will is strong, but I can't hold it up

Now it sears my veins
And it scolds my name
We are the answer

Peace won't save us anymore
I can decide your fate
Because it's mine

When will it end?
It's killing me
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