First Signs

Children Of Nova

Escape was never the way
I've seen these symptoms more every day
We doubted the signs of unthinkable lies
And exchanged our dreams for terrifying truths

Don't let me leave your side
And never hesitate to put me in your sights
When my infection ignites

All i've never seen
Is it slowly haunting me?
I've become what i fear the most

And it feels like once divinity was my show
And even though i ran, now i expose
Expose a mass decaying
Go mourn and worship, i'm not coming home
At least not alone

All i've never seen
Has been roaming aimlessly
I've become what i fear the most

Damage report
I'm allowed to feel as i fade away
In isolation
We're over-tasting life
Because we are afraid
But only we create our disease
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