I Don't

Circle Jerks

I don't smoke, I don't drink
I don't ever have no fun anymore you see
I don't lose any sleep
Worrying about the state of the economy

Cause the world is turning slowly
But i can't find the time to do anything
If the rest are sharing something
Then I'm just a lonely minority
I Don't wrok I'm a blob
No I can't wake up and I won't

I don't cook I don't clean
I don't have the energy for the scene
And I don't got no car
I don't worry 'bout the price of gasoline

News is coming on (and i'm watching 3's company)
I can't get no girls (they don't know how to talk to me)
Get my washing done (been wearing the same clothes for a week) YICH!
Gotta get up early (set the alarm for 3)
In the afternoon (you'll find me sitting by the t.v.)
I'm really cool somebody please (turn up the heat)
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