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The Ninety Nine

Citipointe Live

With hands lifted high
I know you’ve heard my cry
For mercy
Jesus Son of God
Your love goes on and on
And finds me

Glory undefined
Unmeasured and divine
I worship
I worship
You and you alone
Majestic on the throne
Of heaven
Of heaven

Hear the mountains tremble
Our God is strong and able
Your kingdom coming down
Your kingdom coming down
Merciful and mighty
For love you left the ninety-nine
Saviour to the lost and blind
Saviour to me

As the thunder starts to roll
I’ll hold to what I know
That you are my high tower
Fortress in dark hours
That your promises are true
And I no longer stand accused
The cross has crushed my shame

Hallelujah I shout it out
Hallelujah I sing about
Your love, your love, oh Lord
Your love, your love, oh Lord

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