Today We Are All Demons


Without pain, life is not worth living

We're all demons today
Come down and feel the pain
It burns straight through you
And makes a hole in your soul
I don't care what you've been told
And now I carry you
And as a soldier of misfortune
An ultimate doomsayer
I want you to feel
And I know you will
And everything you see
Will bleed straight through
Reveal the truth
Anything can happen, you say
I never tried to get it
I never tried to fit in
And now I'm falling through

Fire...when ready

I'm human too you know
Everything, soul's dead
I'm human too you know
Talented, scavengers
I'll hold you down, you'll be my bait
I'll throw you to my slaves
I'll stick to my lies
And everything is shallow
I know there is no use to pray
I am a demon today
We're all demons today
We drown in soil, we're flooded
As it happens
I still try to be human
I never tried to fit in
And now I'm falling through again

Fire...when ready
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