From My Cold Dead Hands


A god decaying
A starving faith
My world has fallen
Let's start a war
A sacrifice
A modulation
Of all our hate

Machines are praying
We are the balt
A dark upon us
We'll start to fall
A presentation
We fight with pride

From my cold dead hands
Do what I wanna do
Say what I wanna say
They wanna take it away
From my cold dead hands

The price of being free
And what it means to me
They wanna take it away
From my cold dead hands

They try to hold us
Held by our necks
The air is changing
Breathe poison gas
An absolution
We'll get there fast

They will enslave us
My mind is free
A new world order
Where we'll be slaves
Under a system
Control our lives

Where we'll be punished
For how we live
Free will is killed

From my cold dead hands

Fallen nations got away
Lives are changing
We're the prey
Time is changing
We're at war
What we're breathing
Fighting for
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