Wake The Dead

Comeback Kid

This is our city of the dead
Another life holds its weary head
We hope, we try, we live, survive
Counting days, trying to get by
Waiting for the calling
Anticipation in the air
We hope and dream of difference
City sleeping, unaware

Break the silence, wake the dead
Running through these streets alone
I'll kick and scream, let's break the hold
Cuz i swear, and this won't render useless
I promise you, we've come this far
And i'm not stopping, i'm not stopping now
I'm not hiding in shadows
Wake up
Send out this message, it's clear

You said, you said, you said
This time was gonna be different
Wake up the dead

Coming alive
Something stirs inside
This isn't over yet
Shake off the dirt
Swallow regret
Stop living under the weight
Living under the weight of regret
Your regrets
Don't lose hope
Don't let it happen to you
Don't lose hope
Which side are you gonna choose?
Cuz i believe, i believe it's in you rise!

We said, we said, we said
This time was gonna be different
Wake up the dead
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