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False Idols Fall

Comeback Kid

Your time is up
We've been counting down your days
Going over every false thing you say
We wish it could be different
We wished you stayed the same
Tearing down our idols
Living life our own way
Taking the chance to say

All my heros are dead
All my heros are dead

Were we too blind to see you were only human like me
But we can't help but feel
Empty words they're all you gave
Struggling to take back our days

They build you up to watch you fall
Can't you see they can't be what you want
You build them up to watch them fall

Where did we lose control
We thought it'd last forever

We're come and count away your days
Our heroes are not what they used to be (our idols fall)
Our heroes are not what they used to be (our idols fall away)
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