Assured Mutual Destruction


The ritual advances have been made, now flesh is bared as though it is a solution to the fear and confusion
Dancing in chessboard rigidity, to meet the requirements of ancient codes and traditions, the never altered positions
A fleeting sense of security, from being held tightly, until the camouflage drops and the tenderness stops

The well-rehearsed statements have been made, now it's red lights all the way
In deathly silence, a hint of sniggering violence
Reinforcing the roles, in a doomed situation
Protector and protected, rejecter and rejected
And there on a video, a simulated sex show
To keep us smiling through, to tell us what to do

And when a body falls back in surrender with both eyes
Blood on your fingers and a broken prize
By averting your eyes it isn't seen
By turning your head, you keep it clean

And proud of your achievement, success is yours
As you slip into a position and a thousand hands applaud
Passion stops as a record drops it says - "Love has come at last"
And you wipe away your splattered pride because it came too fast
So there's the pleasure, but where's the dignity?
Is it in your performance with your smile of insincerity?
The coming retaliation is a deadly situation
When the feelings mutual, assured destruction...
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